Hire Caleb, the Nicene Nerd

Per the "Nerd" in "The Nicene Nerd," I have considerable skills in the world of computers and technology. Since I also have a large family to support, I am happy to offer my services to expand the resources of my household. Per the "Nicene" in my title, I am also especially interested in supporting Christian ministries or Christian-owned businesses, for whom I am willing to offer special value.

My Services


I can create, maintain, manage, or migrate websites, this being one of my oldest and most developed skills, which I first began learning as a child. I have extensive experience with the relevant languages, such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, popular extensions to these such as SCSS, Less, and TypeScript, popular frameworks and libraries like React, Angular.js, Node, or Next.js, as well as higher-level tools like WordPress.

For small churches (around 100 members or fewer), I can perform website setup for free. If you represent a small church in need of a website, please be sure to let me know and we can make arrangements.

Websites I've Worked On

  • This website, which I made mostly from scratch using Next.js.
  • My blog. The theme I have heavily customized and extended.
  • MyRVmail Inc. I have been the second developer on this site for about four years, and have worked on nearly every page or feature, backend and frontend.
  • The Davenant Institute. I have been the webmaster of this WordPress site since September 2022.
  • Ebenezer Baptist Church I created this website for the church in 2019.

Software Development

I also offer general purpose software development services. I have experience developing applications for Windows and Linux, usually cross-platform, using technologies such as Rust, Python, TypeScript, Node.js, React, Qt, WinForms, and others.

I also have Android app development experience, albeit relatively much less than desktop work. None of the apps I made myself have ever been published and were mostly for personal use, but I have worked some on the MyRVmail app.

For more information on my software development experience, check out this site's Programming page.

If you have any questions or would like to hire me for a project, please email me at calebdixonsmith@gmail.com.